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SpaceLinks Commercial Walk Off Mats: Elevating Retail Store Entrances

At SpaceLinks, we specialize in engineering premium commercial entrance mats that promote safety, cleanliness, and a positive customer experience. Our commercial walk off mats, meticulously designed to scrape and store contaminants, act as your first line of defense against seasonal elements. This isn’t just about preventing slips and falls; it’s about protecting your store’s aesthetic appeal and saving you from costly maintenance.

Protective and Cost-Effective: How Our Commercial Walk Off Mats Benefit Retail Spaces

Enhanced Safety: Our walk off mats provide a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of accidents (especially during inclement weather), and ensure a safe entry point for both customers and staff.

Dirt and Debris Trapping: Engineered to clean, capture, and contain, our commercial entrance mats effectively trap dirt, mud, and debris, keeping your floors clean and presentable.

Moisture Containment: Essential in wet conditions, our walk off mats excel in containing moisture, reducing moisture transfer to store floors, preventing potential hazards and damage to your interior.

Cost Savings: Acting as a barrier, our commercial walk off mats extend the lifespan of your flooring, minimize necessary maintenance and repairs, and reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents.

Easy Maintenance: Our flexible commercial entrance mats are easy to roll and clean, making them a practical solution for busy retail spaces.

Easy to Install: Any custom width and length is economically available. Simple to cut to fit on site. Available to recess, surface mount or loose-lay.

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Our Most Popular Walk Off Mats for Retail Stores


The DesignLinks series offers durable walk off mat solutions for high-traffic entryways, including the use of shopping carts and pallet jacks in retail, grocery, and big box stores.

Features and Benefits:

  • Engineered to withstand high-volume foot, wheel, and pallet jack traffic.
  • Injection-molded flexible construction makes rolling and maintenance easy.
  • Grid-like top surface and open-weave design scrape and collect shoe and wheel contaminants.
  • Custom sizes, colors, and replaceable Velcro strips available for unique space requirements.


Our PowerLinks series scraper matting grids are manufactured to protect floors in high-traffic facilities, including retail store dedicated shopping cart entrances and storage areas.

Features and Benefits:

  • Utilizes our unique open-weave, grid-rib design that results in aggressive scraping and trapping of dirt, moisture, and grit.
  • Customed designed sizes and layouts to accommodate any entryway.
  • Available as surface-mounted, recessed into the floor, or loose-lay.
  • Standard colors available include black, grey, brown, and green.
  • Customization options include custom-colored vinyl mat panels.


Our CrossPath series features open-weave commercial walk off mats that offer a unique multi-directional scraping action, ideal for high-traffic entryways such as customer entrances in retail and convenience stores.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique open-weave and parquet design effectively scrapes and traps debris, reducing maintenance and liability concerns.
  • Engineered to withstand high-volume foot, and shopping cart traffic.
  • Flexible construction ensures the mat retains its shape without bending, rattling, or requiring an additional pan, making cleaning and maintenance effortless.
  • Customization options include custom-colored vinyl mat panels.

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