Unique injection molded open-weave patterned slip-resistant design, available in any size. The Soft vinyl and fungicidal compounds create comfort for bare feet and resist the growth of athlete’s foot fungus and mildew.  Available in 4 color options of blue, black, gray, and green. Product Features:

  • Loose Lay slip resistant floor mat
  • Reduces maintenance and liability costs.
  • Easy installation, can cut material in width & length on site.
  • Flexible material: No bent memory, no rattle, no pan needed, easy to clean.
  • Unlimited custom mat panel sizes.
  • Leed Credits, ADA Compliant, three year warranty, Made in USA.

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Product Details & Models

Our low-profile open weave slip-resistant mat. A leader around pools, saunas, locker rooms, and showers.

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  • Seamless (SE): Recessed or wall to wall/noframe
  • System: mat with Recessed frame
  • System: Mat with Frame Surface Mount
  • Loose-Lay (VR): Attached Vinyl Ramp