Innovation, Safety, Longevity:

SpaceLinks, The Driving Force of Entryway Flooring.

SpaceLinks was founded in 1971 with a singular mission - to solve a problem. 

Over the last 40 years, we have created, developed, and manufactured industry-leading, entryway floor matting solutions. Maintaining product durability, safety, and usability at the forefront of our designs. 

In 1971

SpaceLinks Founder, Milt Kessler set out to find a flooring solution to replace the wooden pallets and cardboard cartons commercial kitchens were using in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He knew he could invent a better option, and so he made it his mission. Milt developed a new and innovative anti-fatigue safety mat to replace the inadequate floor coverings being used. That was just the beginning of our story, from there Ron Kessler, Milt's son, expanded the ever-growing SpaceLinks technology and created state of the art entryway flooring systems and solutions. 


After years of success in education and retail, SpaceLinks developed a solution that could stand up to very high foot and shopping cart traffic. With these more durable and innovative matting grids, SpaceLinks become a leader in protecting grocery, big-box, and other high traffic facilities. Innovation continues, as customers need matting grids for pallet traffic. SpaceLinks has become the go to floor matting grid for the nation’s busiest and most respected retailers and institutions.


Ron Kessler, President 
and CEO continues to lead SpaceLinks forward, with his son Daniel and daughters Jamie and Samantha as integral members of the SpaceLinks team. SpaceLinks associated corporations now employ over 400 members of staff, and we are proud to manufacture and fabricate our SpaceLinks products in the USA. Every member of our team is part of the SpaceLinks family possessing a diligent, determined, and unwavering commitment to making SpaceLinks the leading manufacturer of our industry. 

Today, SpaceLinks provides groundbreaking entryway flooring solutions to high profile businesses covering six key markets; Retail, Education, Sports & Fitness, Corporate, Hospitality/Restaurants, and Healthcare. Our patented technology successfully scrapes, wipes and contains debris from customer's footwear, containing it under the mat's surface to avoid tracking into your building; maintaining a clean and safe aesthetic. Our impeccably engineered design guarantees the longevity of all SpaceLinks products exceeding that of our competitors and providing a safe, easy to use system customizable for any space. 


Since 1971 SpaceLinks has triumphed in producing advanced, forward-thinking matting solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional entryways. We will continue to lead the industry in developing innovative technology and manufacturing the best entryway floor matting solutions that meet and exceed our client's requirements.