Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DesignLinks 1 & 2?

DesignLinks 1 has permanent glued in carpet strips, and DesignLinks 2 has easy-to replace Velcro attached carpet strips.

Are SpaceLinks mats directional?

All but CrossPath are directional. We describe our mats width x length. Length is the direction of travel the pedestrian walks into the building. A 6×4 mat is 6 wide x 4 deep and is shaped and positioned like a dollar bill or a landscape piece of paper. A 4×6 is 4 wide and 6 deep, and is placed like a portrait piece of paper.

Do you need a pan for SpaceLinks Mat?

No. SpaceLinks mats either recessed, surfaced mounted or loose-laid can be place over any hard surface, concrete, tile, VCT, terrazzo, etc.

Can SpaceLinks Matting go outside?

Yes. All SpaceLinks series, have an exterior option that suits the application and climate of that particular location.

Are SpaceLinks Floor Mats glued to the floor?

No. SpaceLinks mats lay on the floor, either on top or recessed. They can be secured to the floor with Mat Retainers.

What are Mat Retainers?

Mat retainers are small clips that are installed to the floor that allows the mat to snap in and out. This keeps the mat in place, while allowing for easy cleaning.

What is the difference between an SE, System and VR mat?

An SE mat is just the actual mat. Frames can be purchased ala carte as needed with an SE mat. A system mat includes all aluminum frames needed, either around the perimeter, or between individual mat panels, or both. VR is an attached vinyl ramp, which allows the mat to be loose-laid.

What sizes are available?

We can manufacture any size.

Will SpaceLinks matting fit my current recessed well?

We can make any width or length of mat panel. We have some different product options in matting thickness and transitional aluminum trim pieces to fit most current recesses. We can also give you guidance on available options to make our grids work in your current setup.

Will salt or ice melt harm the mat?

No. SpaceLinks matting will help keep the salt or pellets from being tracked into the facility.

Can SpaceLinks Matting be cut on site?

Yes. SpaceLinks matting can be easily cut to fit on site in length and width with a sharp utility or flooring knife.

Is there a minimum size order?


Where is SpaceLinks Matting Manufactured?

All SpaceLinks Matting Grids are manufactured in Youngstown, Ohio 44512.

I’m not sure what the right product is for my application?

Call customer service at 800-233-4575, ext. 114. or email us at:

How do I install SpaceLinks Matting?

You can loose lay all of our matting products, surface mount with available aluminum ramps, or recess in the floor or install wall to wall in a vestibule. For detailed, product specific installation instructions See Installation Guides on each product page or the tech specs.

How do I clean SpaceLinks Matting?

Just vacuum or sweep often, with intermittent mopping, and cleaning under the mat a few times a year will keep the mat looking good. Click here to learn more.
For detailed, product specific cleaning instructions, see Cleaning Guides on each product page.

How do I buy SpaceLinks Matting?

Call customer service at 800-233-4575, ext. 114 or email us at: