Commercial Walk Off Mats for Cleaner & Safer Floors

Custom Engineered to help Reduce Maintenance and Liability Costs

At SpaceLinks, we take pride in engineering and manufacturing premium commercial entrance mats and grids that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetics to create the perfect first impression for your business. Our robust walk off mats are designed to withstand heavy foot and shopping-cart traffic while trapping debris and moisture, below the surface, to help keep your facility’s interior spotless and safe.

Commercial Entrance Mats for Every Environment

From durable scraper mats to elegant entryway designs, discover a walk off mat that complements and enhances the cleanliness and aesthetic of your space.


DesignLinks series is our most versatile and aesthetically pleasing walk off mat designed as a custom solution for high-traffic entryways. With the durability to perform under shopping carts, pallet jacks and high-pedestrian traffic, DesignLinks is the perfect choice in grocery, big box, and convenience and other retail stores, as well as Universities, Hospitality, and Medical. The scrape and dry combination are available with easy-to-replace carpet strips. This reduces installation, maintenance and liability costs by trapping dirt and moisture below the surface, out of harm’s way.


Our PowerLinks series fall-thru scraper commercial entrance mats are truly designed to do the dirty work. They are primarily used to protect entryway floors and shopping cart corrals in high-traffic facilities, including retail stores, education, medical, office buildings, institutional buildings, banks, and apartment buildings.


Our multi-functional CrossPath commercial walk off mat feature a unique intersectional scraping action, and aesthetically appealing multi-directional parquet design and are ideal for educational, healthcare, and hospitality applications.


Our legacy entrance mat system is designed to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building and reduce slips and falls. These mats are primarily used as a loose-lay mat, often in the educational and manufacturing sectors. These systems are often used outside and available with textured GripTop surface to provide sure footing, standing comfort, and protection at manufacturing stations and entryways.


DesignPro is our low-profile solution for high-traffic pedestrian entryways with limited door clearance. These commercial walk off mats are often used as vestibule flooring or as a loose-lay mat for interior or exterior applications for the educational, healthcare, hospitality, and restaurant industries.


Our EntryPro commercial walk off mat is a low-profile open weave scraper mat often used as vestibule flooring or as a loose-lay mat for interior or exterior applications for the educational, healthcare, hospitality, and restaurant industries. These grids are available with a textured GripTop surface for additional slip resistance in exterior icy conditions.


Our WaterPro application is a soft, comfortable and unique, grid-rib patterned mat for use in areas where standing water poses a slip hazard. These slip-resistant mats are ideal for swimming pools, shower areas, locker rooms, and other wet environments.

Durable, Customizable, and Protective: Why Our Commercial Entrance Mats Are Superior

Durability and Maintenance: Our commercial entrance mats just last longer. That’s because they’re made of injection-molded flexible vinyl that’s strong enough to withstand high foot, cart, and pallet jack traffic while being easy to roll and fast to clean.

Customization: Not all spaces are created equal. That’s why we’ve designed our commercial walk off mats to be customized based on our customers’ dimensions, uses, and applications. We can customize our solutions for size, color and trim profiles.

Floor protection: SpaceLinks walk off mat solutions do more than help keep your customers and employees safe by cleaning, capturing, and containing debris and moisture from shoes and wheels. They protect your facility’s floors by limiting the amount of harmful contaminants tracked throughout your building.

Lasting first impression: Our attractively designed commercial entrance mats provide a striking first impression and inviting environment to those who enter the facility. Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, office, or any commercial establishment, we have the ideal walk off mat to enhance your space and provide customers with a welcoming experience from the moment they walk in.

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Need Help Choosing The Right Walk Off Mat For Your Commercial Facility?

Choosing an appropriate commercial entrance mat is important for maintaining a cleaner, safer, and more appealing space. Our team is here to assist and guide you to the best choice for your specific needs. Whether you need a recessed floor mat, a surface mounted mat, or a loose-lay mat, SpaceLinks has the answer.