Space-Links Story

This site was designed with you in mind. You can find an entryway system to trap dirt, debris and water in almost any type of facility or application. Take the time to browse through each of our Space-Links products. You can read about the application benefits and physical properties of each product, so you can make an informed selection.

If you are intrigued by the possibilities of a Space-Links product but don't see one that exactly meets your needs, please contact us. As you will discover while browsing the site, Space-Links products are very versatile and adaptable. Give us the opportunity to investigate a custom solution to meet your needs.

The Space-Links Concept

The basic concept for all of our floor grills is the same. The unique open-weave grid-rib design used in Space-Links products allows slippery liquids and materials to filter through and collect under the surface of the mat. Dirt, water, snow, etc. are literally scraped from the bottom of shoes and carts and are captured in a void below. Carpet strips covering the grid add a wiping action, providing additional cleaning action. The result is a cleaner, safer and more inviting facility.

Multiple Space-Links products can be used together in a combined system to enhance the cleaning action and dirt/water retention capacity. For maximum effectiveness in high-traffic areas, we recommend installing a grid system outside the entrance (typically under an overhang or other covering), a second grid system in the vestibule or entryway, and a final loose-lay mat or installed carpeting inside the facility.

The Safety Issue

Common throw-down mats can bunch up in use, creating a trip-and-fall hazard. The solid design of all Space-Links grid products can't bunch up, providing a safer and more welcoming entrance for the people who come and go from your facilities. Ramp elements consisting of short, angled rubber or aluminum at the leading and trailing edges of our systems can be used to reduce tripping hazards and accommodate wheeled traffic such as shopping carts.

Installation Types

You can choose from two general types of Space-Links entryway systems. The installed version fits into a "well" built into your entrance area, providing a flush walking surface. The surface-mount version lays on top of your floor surface, with an attached "ramp" on the edges to prevent tripping. A complete Space-Links system would include an exterior installed system, a second system in the vestibule and a color-coordinated loose-lay interior mat. This arrangement ensures the most effective removal of dirt, rain and snow.

Most existing entryway systems were installed using a standard half-inch deep well. Older systems were often installed using deeper wells, some as deep as two feet. We can assist with retrofitting these wells to accommodate the much-shallower requirements of a Space-Links system.

Maintenance / Cleaning

All of our commercial entrance floor mat products are manufactured using top-quality materials for a long, trouble-free life with minimal maintenance required. Some Space-Links systems include removable carpet strips that can easily be replaced when worn.

For installed systems, the dirt and debris captured below the mat can be removed by simply vacuuming over the top of the grid. The surface can also be cleaned by mopping. Water collected below the mat surface will typically evaporate, requiring no effort by your maintenance or cleaning crew. For more thorough cleaning, remove the patented retainer clips and lift the grids out to access the well.

For loose-lay systems, dirt and debris can be removed by surface sweeping or the mats can be rolled to sweep or mop underneath.