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Shopping Mall Entry Floors

Malls have long been the preferred shopping destination for Americans. The high volume of foot traffic into shopping malls makes it especially important to incorporate an effective method of capturing dirt and water from customer shoes before they enter the mall.

You have a responsibility to ensure that your mall has clean common areas that create a pleasant shopping experience. You also need to protect yourself from possible slip-and-fall incidents due to puddles or wet areas at your entrances or inside the common areas.

Our shopping mall entry floors have proven to be an effective tool in keeping mall floors cleaner and safer. Most malls rely on a multi-system approach, with a Space-Links grid system installed in the mall vestibules and a second system inside the entranceway. Working together, these retail entrance floors do a remarkable job of capturing the dirt and water that would otherwise end up in your common areas, and being tracked into your tenants' stores.

Shopping Mall Entryway System

Keep your shopping mall entryways safe & clean with our many entryway system solutions.

Interior Shopping Mall Flooring

Our custom shopping mall anti-slip flooring systems trap dirt and debris underneath the surface of the mat, resulting in clean, safe, and attractive floors.