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School Entry Floors

In many areas, our schools have become the hub of community activities. Whether at kindergarten centers, elementary schools, K-12 buildings, community colleges or universities, educational facilities are centers of activity for students, visitors and community members.

With all of that foot traffic, many schools are relying on Space-Links entryway systems to keep their floors cleaner and safer, while reducing the required attention by cleaning staff. The Space-Links grid system scrapes dirt and water from shoes as pedestrians pass over it. The debris is trapped below the grid where it can't be tracked in by the next visitor.

As a secondary step in keeping floors clean and dry, many educational facilities also include color-coordinated Design Fiber loose-lay floor mats inside their facility entrances, in addition to the Space-Links floor matting grid. Working together, the grid and mat do a remarkable job of stopping dirt and water at the door.