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Rain, snow, spills, grease...all of these things make for slippery walking surfaces, which have the potential to cause a nasty fall. To protect you, your employees and your customers, it's important to take the proper safety measures at your place of business. At SpaceLinks, we understand that hazards can occur just about anywhere. That is why we've designed a wide variety of Safety Pro Anti-Slip Flooring options to ensure you have the safest flooring possible.

This 1/4", low-profile anti-slip flooring is typically used in convenience or grocery stores, at beverage self-serve areas or other spots where customers are likely to spill liquids. Safety Pro features our patented open-weave, grid-rib design that collects liquids below the mat surface. Customers are less likely to slip, and they won't track spilled liquids around your store thus reducing your cleaning effort.

Safety Pro anti-slip floors are typically installed with one edge flush to the serving area. Ramps are added to the other three sides to reduce tripping hazards and accommodate shopping carts.

All Safety Pro products feature a 1/4" profile and can be customized to create any final desired size.

Safety Pro Technical Properties

Unique grid-rib patterned slip-resistant mat for use in areas where standing liquids pose a slip hazard including coffee and soda self service areas. The low 1/4" profile allows the Safety Pro anti-slip flooring to remain unnoticed by consumers. It is easy to clean for store personnel, and stays light weight even if wet. We recommend putting ramps on 3 sides. Color: black with custom colors upon request.

Recommended Side w/ 3 Ramps Weight Each 
2' x 4' 6.7 lbs. 
2' x 6' 10.1 lbs. 
2' x 8' 13.5 lbs. 
2' x 10' 16.8 lbs. 

Custom Sizes Available

Product Warranty

All products carry a two year defect free warranty.

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