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Power Links Commercial Entrance Mats

The very durable Power Links system dramatically reduces your maintenance and cleaning. The heavy-duty plastic matting ... molded in our unique open-weave, grid-rib design ... quietly removes dirt and snow from both pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Trapping debris and water at the door keeps it from being tracked into your facility.

Our premium Power Links commercial floor mats are proven to outperform, outlast, collect more dirt and be safer that competitive products. The patented design scrapes and traps dirt beneath the surface, even under the harshest conditions.

These commercial floor mats feature our patent-pending Power PegTM, which allows the flooring to withstand heavy loads, while showing virtually no signs of wear. Power Links is constructed using specifically sized vinyl quads configured and customized to accommodate doors, corners, and odd-shaped nooks while maintain a finished appearance.

  • Helps Prevent Slips & Falls
  • Improves Cleanliness
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Withstands Heavy Traffic
  • Visually Appealing
  • Reduces Cart Noise

Power Links SE flooring provides the illusion of a seamless floor, with the maintenance ease of a modular floor.
Power Links VR (vinyl ramp) matting offers the same scrape-and-trap benefits in loose-lay mats in a range of sizes.
Combine the Power Links SE installed flooring system with color-coordinated Power Links VR matting to create the most
effective entryway system.

Power Links is available in six standard colors, with custom colors to match your design or décor also available. All Power Links commercial entrance mats have a 1/2" profile. Power Links is 100% customizable to create any desired final size.

Power Links commercial floor mats provide superior functionality, smooth rollovers, a quieter entryway and long-standing durability.
No matter what your individual preference may be: system, flooring or matting, Power Links offers an aesthetically pleasing look and time-tested safety and cleaning benefits. 

Power Links SE

Power Links SE™, seamless entryway flooring designed specifically for entrances that receive repetitive, heavy foot and cart traffic.

Power Links System

The Power Links System consists of a flexible, injection-molded matting sections made of a proven, trade-secret formulated highly durable compound.

Power Links VR

Power Links VR features vinyl ramps and can be lifted or rolled for easy cleaning and removal of dirt it traps.