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Office Building Entry Floors

The way you look and dress makes a lasting first impression. The appearance of your offices also makes a distinct impression on visitors and customers. You can ensure that you make a better impression by keeping the floors of your lobby and public areas cleaner with a Design-Links flooring product.

Placed in your vestibules and entry ways, the Design-Links office building entryway system scrapes the bottom of visitors' shoes as they walk over the grid. Water and dirt are removed from the shoes and fall below the mat, where it can't be picked up and tracked in by the next visitor.

Not only do Design-Links products help you maintain a cleaner facility, they also help ensure a safer facility. With most water trapped at the entrance, there's less chance of wet floors and puddles that could cause a slip-and-fall. With our floor mats for your office, you enhance the beauty and safety of your facility.

Office Building Entryway System

Our office building entryway system will scrape dirt, debris & water off of your clients shoes, keeping areas beyond the mats clean.