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Healthcare Facility Entry Floors

Visitors to healthcare facilities have an expectation that the facility will be very clean and safe. That forces you to be extremely attentive to the tracked-in dirt and water that can accumulate inside your entrances. Rather than have maintenance or cleaning staff constantly checking these areas and cleaning them as necessary, you can rely on Space-Links commercial entryway mats to reliably stop dirt and water at the door.

The patented grid system scrapes dirt and water from the bottom of shoes as people walk across it. The debris falls through the mat and is trapped below where it can't be tracked in. Many healthcare facilities combine a grid system in their vestibule or entranceway with color-coordinated Design Fiber mats just inside the entrances. Working together, the grid and floor matting combination effectively trap most dirt and water, helping to maintain cleaner, drier floors.

Hospital Entry Floors

Our hospital entryway systems are the perfect solution to provide a great first impression and keep your entryways safe and clean.

Nursing Home Entry Floors

By adding our nursing home entryway system, you can help reduce maintenance and clean up time, as well as keep floors dry and safe.

Retirement Community Entry Floors

With Space-Links customizable retirement community entry floors, your entrances will stay clean and free of grime.