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Grocery Store Entryway System

Your grocery store entryway floor takes a lot of abuse.

More than any other part of your grocery store, your grocery store entryway floor takes a beating. It has to withstand heavy foot traffic—sneakers wet from the rain, work boots covered in pebbles and grit, and heeled shoes focusing the weight of their wearers into a very small pressure point. It has to withstand shopping carts—overloaded carts, carts with wet and slushy wheels, and wobbly-wheeled carts that distribute their loaded weight unevenly. It’s easy for the grocery store entryway floor to get out of shape fast. A Space-Links flooring system combats the wear from heavy foot traffic, the damage from shopping carts, and the effects from weather on your grocery store entryway floor.

Clean, dry flooring attracts shoppers.

A Space-Links flooring system keeps your grocery store entryway floor neat, dry, and welcoming to shoppers. Our innovative grid technology scrapes off dirt or debris and whisks water off the bottoms of shoes. By collecting these elements below the mat's surface, your grocery store entryway floor will stay clean and dry, regardless of the amount and types of foot traffic.

Durable, long-wearing flooring stands up to the heavy usage.

A Space-Links flooring system keeps your grocery store entryway floor functional with repeated use and abuse. Our seamless flooring line features the unique open-weave, grid-rib design combined with a hidden clip design rather than our aluminum divider frame system. This combination enables it to withstand heavy loads in a grocery store entryway, while showing virtually no signs of wear.

Well-designed, attractive flooring is available in many styles and colors.

A Space-Links flooring system keeps your grocery store entryway floor attractive despite the debris and water from foot traffic and the heavy loads from shopping carts. Our aluminum grid system is available in several profiles and colors. There are also multiple options for the carpet strips and vinyl quads, with additional custom colors available. Our flooring solutions are designed to complement any décor with uncompromised durability.

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This product features entrance flooring with carpet strips, aluminum perimeter and a patented, open-weave, grid bar design. It cleans shoes with each step!