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Grocery Store Anti-Slip Floor for Inside the Grocery Store

The interior areas of your grocery store—most notably the produce department and the counter areas, can become just as wet and dirty as the entryway or the back store area without a grocery store anti-slip floor solution. Water from misting sprayers, debris from loose produce, and heavy traffic from the regular restocking of the produce department can make floors appear dirty and unsightly. Dropped food, spilled liquids, and heavy foot traffic at counter areas can make floors appear uncared for and unsanitary. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in these areas where your customers are shopping for food. Keep your grocery store floors clean and inviting with a Space-Links grocery store anti-slip floor solution.

Functional flooring

Equally important to cleanliness is functionality. We've all been to grocery stores with bulky, high profile mats in the produce department. Customers often leave their carts outside of the area because they’re too hard to maneuver over these cumbersome mats. Similarly, heavy, rough mats in a counter area can cause trips and falls. It's difficult to navigate into and out of a counter seat when there are additional floor heights to step onto and off. Keep your grocery store floors functional with a Space-Links grocery store anti-slip floor solution.

Slip-proof flooring

Space-Link mats have an open-weave grid design that traps dirt, debris, and water below the mat's surface. In addition, our commercial solution's grid top is coated with a proprietary mesh material. When dry, the commercial floor mat surface feels very much like sandpaper. A dry floor surface means a walking surface that is virtually slip proof. Contact us for a demonstration of our patented technology for keeping water and dirt below the flooring surface.

Low-profile flooring

Space-Links mats are low profile and nearly unnoticeable in high traffic areas. With only a ¼ profile, these mats are easily negotiated by foot and cart traffic. Customers will be able to wander throughout the produce area with their carts to select any fruit or vegetable. Similarly, customers choosing to eat at the counter will find it easy to step from the floor to the mat into a counter seat. A low-profile anti-slip floor means easy access to all flooring surfaces within your store.

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Aisle Pro

In areas where shopping carts are used and spills are likely, Aisle Pro anti-slip floor matting will help keep your customers safe from slips and falls.

Safety Pro

Safety Pro anti-slip floor mats protect against slips and falls from grease, snow, rain, and spills with a patented, open-weave, grid-bar design.