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Government Building Entryway System

Entryways into government buildings are often high traffic areas. Depending on weather, season, or influx of visitors, it can be difficult to keep the entryway area clean and safe. Dirt, water and debris that are tracked in can make floors slippery and be an unwelcome site to both employees and guests.

With our innovative government building entryway system, however, entryways of all sizes can dramatically improve in appearance and safety. Our anti-slip flooring interlocks so it is easy to cover areas both small and large. The grid system in our mats trap dirt and water so it is not tracked throughout the building, keeping floors beyond the entryway clean and dry.

For extra high traffic areas, add a Design-Links mat that matches your color scheme. These mats are an additional means to contain debris, as well as add a custom look to your government building entryway. Contact us and allow us to determine a great entryway solution for your government facility.

Design Links

Design Links feature specially designed carpet strips that remove dirt at every step. Choose from varieties with removable or permanent carpet strips.

Design Pro

A combination of the vinyl surface of Entry Pro carpets with the extra cleaning action of carpet strips makes Design Pro carpets highly effective and stylish.

Entry Pro

High-style Entry-Pro flooring cuts maintenance costs and reduces slips and falls by trapping dirt and moisture. Available in seamless and vinyl ramp varieties.

Grip Pro

Grip Pro matting prevents slips due to snow and rain by providing a high-traction surface.

Power Links

Ideal for areas that receive a high level of traffic, Power Links are heavy duty with a seamless appearance.