Flooring Accessories

Space-Links International offers a complete line of flooring accessories for our range of flooring products. Our accessories complement each phase of flooring product use, from installation to continued use and long-term maintenance. Our flooring accessories are designed and built with the same attention to style and performance as our entire flooring product line. Because they are specifically designed and built to work with Space-Links systems, you can completely customize your Space-Links flooring system for cohesive style and optimum performance.

  • Concrete repair and flooring adhesives are available to prepare the installation surface. When applied, the repair formulation and adhesive provide a continuously strong base on which your flooring product is installed.
  • Transition strips are available in two configurations. The gray plastic and aluminum dual-lok transition piece is used to connect two independently installed flooring systems. Both it and our rigid plastic transition strips ensure a smooth journey within traffic areas and to other areas of your facility.
  • Mat retainers are available to secure all four corners of each mat. Our mat retainers have been designed to perform in high-traffic areas for long-term performance. Attached with two screws, these durable retainers are the key to safety in a complete Space-Links flooring system installation.

For the most upscale retail space, for a high-traffic public-use location, or for an efficiently compact manufacturing facility, Space-Links flooring products and flooring accessories are designed and built to exceed style and performance expectations. More information about the wide range of Space-Links products and flooring accessories is available. Please complete the contact form and information will be sent to you. We would also welcome the opportunity to learn about your project and to explain how Space-Links products can be customized for your installation. Contact us toll free at 800.233.4575 to speak with a Space-Links product specialist.

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Rigid Plastic Transition Strip

Rigid Plastic Transition Strip
  • Rigid Plastic Transition Strip
  • Mat retainer
  • Adhesive
  • Gray Plastic/Alum Dual-Lok Transition Piece
  • Charcoal Carpet Strip
  • Sealant
  • Gray Plastic Dual-Lok Top Cap
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