Entryway Flooring Installation Instructions

Our easy-to-follow installation guide, included with each Space-Links flooring system, details the steps required to properly install your Space-Links product. The illustrated entryway flooring installation instructions available for download here are provided as an overview of the flooring system installation. For the successful installation of your Space-Links flooring system, please note the following recommendations:

  • Prior to installing your flooring system, some site preparation may be necessary. After removing existing floor coverings, if necessary, eliminate as many floor or recess imperfections as possible. Ensure that the installation site is clean and dry prior to beginning installation.
  • Once you have received your flooring system, confirm that all components necessary, as indicated on the enclosed component checklist, are included. Check all boxes and tubes for mat sections, aluminum structural components, mat retainers, bolts, screws, and sleeves. • Thoroughly read the included installation guide, reviewing the component checklist and referencing the actual parts, before starting the entryway flooring installation process. Contact customer service with any questions or clarifications, as necessary.
  • Do not cut the mats or aluminum stringers, dividers, ramps, or transitions until confirming the entire layout and thoroughly understanding the entryway flooring installation process. The old adage, “measure twice; cut once,” is always good advice.
  • Consider the vertical architectural aspects of the installation site (e.g., doorways, walls, or arches) when aligning stringers and dividers. Often, the aluminum components can be kept out of the traffic pattern, lessening wear, if their placement in relation to the area’s existing structure is considered during the initial layout.
  • The installation of Space-Links flooring systems is designed so that mats fit together tightly and lay flush between the mat section and aluminum structure. When fitting the mats, begin from one corner and work toward the furthest edges.
  • Ensure that the entire modular system is securely fastened to the entryway flooring installation site for necessary safety.
  • Remove any debris and dust after installation is complete.

With the proper installation of your Space-Links entryway flooring product, your flooring solution will retain its effectiveness, durability, and safety for years to come.