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Entryway Flooring

Traditional entrance carpet mats or rugs do a great job for the first few pedestrians that walk across them. They very quickly become reservoirs of dirt or water. Not only do they fail to clean the shoes of people entering your facility, they can actually transfer dirt or water to their shoes, which they then track into your building.

Space-Links entrance flooring solutions overcome that problem with an elegant system. It starts at the top with a grid of ribs that actually scrape dirt, snow or water off the bottom of pedestrians' shoes. The material scraped off falls into a void below the mat where it is captured and can't be tracked into your facility by the people who follow. In addition, our entryway flooring system eliminates water pools that are a major cause of slips and falls.

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Design Links

Design Links is the most functional entryway floor matting system. Design Links combines scraping action and dirt trapping, with the convenience of permanently-bonded carpet strips to provide wiping and drying characteristics.

Power Links

Performance beyond the ordinary. The premium Power Links entryways will last longer and perform better that any existing products. It has a patented design that traps and scrapes dirt beneith the surface, and will not be tracked into your building.

Design Pro

Design Pro improves on the all-vinyl walking surface with the addition of carpet strips.

Entry Pro

Remove more dirt, snow and grime from shoe bottoms as people enter your facility with Entry-Pro.

Grip Pro

In facilities where tracked in water or snow create high slip and fall probabilities, Grip Pro provides your customers with sure footing.

Mega Links

Mega-Links is often used in the back of the house retail and grocery installations.

Bright Links

Turn your entranceway into a highly visible marketing tool with our Bright Links system.