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Electronics Store Entryway System

Your electronics store, like any other retail establishment, needs to make a good first impression. That first impression starts right at the front door. When debris, dirt or water is tracked in from the outside, floors can get messy or dangerous for customers.

Our electronics store entryway flooring is the right solution to provide a great first impression and keep your entryway safe and clean. Outside elements are trapped and scraped by the durable and strong mat material, then falls through the grid below. No dirt is tracked to the floors beyond, and clean up is easily contained to one area.

Add a custom-color Design-Links mat to catch stray debris and add to that great first impression. Contact us today to request a quote for your customizable Space-Links International mat system.

Design Links

Shoes are cleaned at every step with an efficient combination of our open-weave, grid-bar design and your choice of permanent or removable carpet strips.

Power Links

Ideal for stores with high amounts of foot and cart traffic, Power Links offer a heavy-duty entryway solution.

Design Fiber

A stylish addition to your shoe-cleaning solution, these loose-lay mats are ideal for the inside of your entryway or lobby.

Bright Links

Clean your customer’s feet and advertise for you store at the same time with an eye-catching illuminated marketing message.