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Electronics Store Anti-Slip Floor is Perfect for Inside the Electronics Store

Get a cutting edge electronics store anti-slip floor.

It's easy to dismiss all electronics store anti-slip floor solutions as identical in their mediocrity. Anti-slip mats are all the same, aren't they? They're bulky, hard to clean, not very attractive, and can't really be considered "cutting edge." At Space-Links International, we believe our mats are high tech. We've designed and patented technology that so effectively and efficiently removes dirt, water, and other debris, that it takes anti-slip mats from a mediocre nuisance to a cutting-edge solution for the interior of your electronics store.

The problem is dirty floors.

At Space-Links, we understand how dirt and debris between the sales floor and the inventory areas can be tracked and spread by foot and shopping cart traffic. And we know that clean up is not always possible when the store is open for sales, leaving employees with a big mess to clean at the end of the day. Worse, tracked dirt throughout the store while customers are present makes the entire store appear dirty—not an impression you want to have on your customers. Ordinary floor mats do little to contain dirt and water, exacerbating the problem. Only a Space-Links anti-slip flooring solution addresses the problems of bulkiness, cleanliness, attractiveness, and modern functionality.

The solution is Space-Links anti-slip mats.

With our electronics store anti-slip floor mats, it is easy to contain tracked dirt and to keep cleaning time to a minimum. Our anti-slip floor mats have an extremely low profile, making them virtually disappear on top of your existing floors. Our mats feature a patented scraping and debris trapping system, keeping floor surfaces clean and dry and reducing the time and effort it takes to keep our mats clean. Our innovative system links together, so it is easy to fit in areas of all sizes. The mat material is very strong and durable, which will prolong the life of interior carpeting and flooring. Options exist to customize the features of our mats to ensure that they are attractive in any decor. Contact us for more information about our cutting-edge anti-slip floor mats.

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Safety Pro

Snow, rain, spills—your customers will be guarded from slips and falls with Safety Pro’s patented open-weave, grid-bar design, which also reduces cleaning efforts.