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Electronics Store Entry Floors

Electronics store entry floors create the first impression with customers.

Are your electronic store entry floors covered with an old, dirty, vinyl mat? Is the dirt and mud on customers shoes tracked throughout your store, leaving telltale paths to only the most popular departments? Does the impression your store entry floors make on shoppers leave them wondering if the products they'll find in your store are really the newest and coolest technology? Your electronics store entry floors not only make an impression on each and every customer walking through the door, but also can be the workhorses in your cleaning arsenal. A Space-Links flooring system uses patented technology to combat tracked-in dirt and mud. Better yet, a Space-Links flooring system uses the most modern technology to ensure that your electronics store entry floors match the technology of your product inventory.

Clean, dry mats welcome customers.

Is it a huge undertaking to move and clean your entry mat—so much so that none of your employees want to deal with it? A standard vinyl mat cannot effectively reduce the amount of water and dirt that are tracked into your store. In fact, a standard vinyl mat usually creates a bigger janitorial burden because it gets dirty and allows the rest of your store floors to get dirty. Trap dirt and water at the door with a Space-Links entryway flooring system. It cleans the bottom of customers' shoes with every step, keeping mud, slush, and dirt confined to the entryway. The construction of our ribbed grid produces a scraping action that catches wetness and debris below the surface of the mat's grid. The working surface of the mat stays clean and dry. A clean and dry mat at the entryway means that the rest of your store stays clean and dry as well.

High-tech mats keep dirt and moisture at the entryway.

Is a standard vinyl mat at your entryway giving customers the wrong impression the moment they enter your store? A Space-Links flooring solution for your electronics store entry floor is a high-tech solution. Our unique, open-weave, grid-rib system is patented and outperforms the flooring mat competition. With 100% customizable options, a Space-Links entry mat can be configured to fit and match any entryway decor. With the installation of a Space-Links entry mat, you will show customers that you take technology seriously.

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Inside the Electronics Store

Traffic between the main area of the store and inventory areas can track and spread dirt and debris. Our anti-slip flooring will help keep floors clean.

Entryway System

Our electronics store entry floors are the perfect solution to provide a great first impression and keep your entryways safe and clean.