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Drug Store Entry Floors

The old-fashioned drug store of yesterday has evolved into the new neighborhood convenience store. Instead of just visiting to get a prescription filled or to find a remedy for aching muscles, you can visit your local drug store for a gallon of milk, a copy of the newspaper from the state’s largest metropolitan area, or for some advice about a homeopathic solution for poison ivy. With this more diverse inventory, today's drug store has seen an incredible increase in foot traffic. With more foot traffic, it takes more work to keep your drug store entry floors clean and safe. A Space-Links flooring system provides the perfect solution to keep your drug store entry floors debris and slip free so that your employees can spend less time cleaning and more time serving customers.

Patented technology traps the dirt and water from foot traffic.

Space-Links entryway systems have a patented construction, trapping at the door most the dirt and water from people's shoes. Our open-weave, grid-rib design works with a revolutionary scraping action that cleans shoe bottoms with every step. The debris falls through the top layer of the mat and is collected below, so the next customer won’t track it in either. Even with the heaviest foot traffic, a Space-Links entry floor solution will continue to perform, trapping dirt and water in your drug store’s entry floors. Trapped debris means that the interior of your store stays cleaner. Contact us for a demonstration of our patented scraping action.

Clean and dry flooring reduces the chances of slipping.

The cleaning action of our patented construction efficiently removes water and slush from the walking surface of your drug store entry floors. But cleanliness isn't the only advantage of a Space-Links flooring solution. Keeping dampness and wetness off your drug store entry floor improves its safety because a dry floor significantly reduces slip hazards. A Space-Links floor is a safe and slip-free floor. Contact us to learn more about entry floor features and options.

Request a quote for new drug store entry floors.

If you would like to install one of our flooring solutions for your drug store entry floors, request a quote. A Space-Links representative will provide comprehensive information about our flooring system options.

Inside the Drug Store

Protect you’re the floors of your drug store and improve the safety and appearance with our innovative anti-slip flooring solutions.

Drug Store Entryway System

Keep the entryways of your drug store clean, dry and free of debris with Space-Links entry floors.