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Designer Entrance Flooring

The Design-Links Entryway System features our patented open-weave, grid-rib design and revolutionary scraping action to clean shoe bottoms with every step. We combined that cleaning action with a beautiful, finished appearance to create a high-style, low-maintenance designer entrance flooring product.

Design-Links Systems combine the grid with carpet strips, aluminum perimeter and internal grid frames, and mat retainers. The aluminum system grid is available in several profiles and colors. There are also multiple options for the carpet strips, with additional custom colors available. All of our designer floor matting products have a 1/2" profile. Design Links grids are 100% customizable to create any desired final size.

  • Design-Links 1 features permanent carpet strips, suitable for interior or exterior installations.
  • Design-Links 2 is designed for indoor use and offers replaceable carpet strips. A Velcro® system allows easy removal and replacement of the carpet strips for maintenance or décor changes.

Design-Links 1 SE and Design-Links 2 SE (seamless) Flooring provides the illusion of a seamless floor with the versatility and ease of maintenance of a modular floor.

The color-coordinated Design-Links 1 VR and Design-Links 2 VR (vinyl ramp) loose-lay mats. The ramps can be attached at the edges of the mat to reduce tripping hazards and allow wheeled traffic to more easily roll across the mats.

Rounding out the product line are Design-Links 1 System and Design-Links 2 System which combines permanently-bonded carpet strips with an open-weave grid-rib design. These products have interchangeable sections held in place by an aluminum grid and if not in a recessed well, surrounded by aluminum ramps.  


Design Links 1

Design Links 1 comes in three varieties. Each variety comes in three colors. Click to decide which option works best for you.

Design Links 2

Design Links 2 combines unique and patented, replaceable carpet strips with an open-weave, vinyl grid-rib design.