Design Links HD Specs

Space-Links International’s products are designed to meet the unique requirements of commercial, industrial, and institutional clients for entryway solutions that can handle heavy foot, cart, luggage, and pedestrian traffic. Design Links products are appropriate for installation wherever an upscale appearance for entryway flooring is required. However, Design Links’ customizable style is only one of the advantages of these flooring solutions. The ease of installation, the long-term wear of the patented system, and the low maintenance required for the upkeep of Space-Links International flooring solutions are known across the flooring industry.

Our Design Links range of products is designed not only to be an attractive entryway floor covering, but also an efficient solution to keep your building clean. The revolutionary scraping action of the grid-top rib surface removes dirt and debris from shoes with every step. The open-weave design collects these contaminants in the Design Links product, keeping them off your facility floors. The attractive carpet strips provide the drying action necessary to prevent slips and falls within the building. Together, these actions provide an unbeatable, attractive, and efficient entryway flooring solution for nearly any application.

In addition to the application examples and product information provided on the Design Links HD product page, a complete product specification document is available for your review. The Design Links HD specs document details suggested applications for the product, available installation options, available materials and finishes, environmental data, maintenance instructions, and warranty information. The document also contains the technical drawings and product properties necessary to design a customized flooring solution for your application. Download a PDF of the complete Design Links HD specifications to learn more.

Questions about the material options available for the Design Links HD product, detailed installation and care information, or customization and fitting options can be directed to Space-Links International by calling 800.233.4575 or by completing our contact form.