Design Green

Space-Links International offers recycled and green commercial flooring products in its Green-Links line. Our environmentally friendly flooring alternatives offer a way to improve the look and function of entryways and high traffic areas for both homes and facilities, while leaving as little an impact on the environment as possible.

Our commercial green floors and mats are constructed just as meticulously and durably as our other Space-Links products but with one important difference: all Green-Links products are produced from a combination of post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

Design Green, identical to the Design-Links system, features our patented open-weave, grid-rib design and revolutionary scraping action to clean shoe bottoms with every step. The Design Green systems combine the grid with carpet strips, aluminum perimeter and internal grid frames, and mat retainers. The aluminum system grid is available in several profiles and colors. What make the Design Green system environmentally friendly are the carpet strips, which are produced from recycled vinyl and can be customized to suit any décor.

  • Design Fiber Green is our environmentally friendly loose-lay mat. Mats are made from 100% recycled content, including both post-consumer and post-industrial materials. These mats are typically used in conjunction with a Space-Links grid system in the vestibule or entryway, which does most of the work. They provide an added, final cleaning as visitors walk across it. With Design Fiber Green, that final cleaning is provided by a mat that also help keeps our environment a bit cleaner.
  • Power Green, identical in construction to our Power Links heavy-duty system, features our patent-pending Power PegTM, which allows the flooring to withstand heavy loads, while showing virtually no signs of wear. Power Green is constructed using specifically sized vinyl quads configured and customized to accommodate doors, corners, and odd-shaped nooks while maintaining a finished appearance but uses recycled vinyl materials for the mat. Power Green is molded in our unique open-weave, grid-rib design to quietly remove dirt and snow from pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Trapping debris and water at the door keeps it from being tracked into your facility.

Whether you require a more attractive and safer way for foot traffic to flow throughout your facility, or want to impress customers with an entryway that perfectly reflects your aesthetic style, Space-Links’ Design Green systems can provide a solution.

Contact us if you would like more information about any of our green commercial flooring products. You can also speak with a representative from Space-Links International by calling 800.233.4575.

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