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Department Store Entry Floors

Department stores are a favorite shopping destination because customers know that they can find many different products in one convenient location. What they don't want to find when they enter your store is a dirty floor soiled by grime and water tracked in from outside.

Keep your floors clean and your store more inviting with a durable Space-Links entryway system. The innovative grid scrapes the bottom of customer shoes as they enter. The dirt and water fall and are collected below the grid. Add a Design Fiber loose-lay mat, color coordinated with our Space-Links system, inside your entryway to provide additional cleaning. Not only will your store stay cleaner, but you'll greatly reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall accident caused by wet areas at your entrance or inside your store.

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Department Store Entryway System

With Space-Links customizable department store entry floors, your department store entrances will stay clean and free of grime.

Inside the Department Store

If you've noticed that the floors inside your department store get slippery, dirty, or easily worn down, our anti-slip flooring solutions could be perfect for you!