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Inside the Convenience Store

During operating hours, convenience stores can be very busy. While employees stock shelves and help customers, there may not be time to clean or maintain interior areas or aisles. Plus, traffic between the store and inventory areas can bring a lot of dust and dirt into the store which can make for dirty or slippery conditions.

At Space-Links, we have custom solutions for the interior of your convenience store. Our innovative Safety-Pro floor matting system is customizable to fit any size area. Dirt and dust is scraped from the bottoms of boots and shoes, and contains debris to an easily cleanable area. Our strong, durable mats also help prolong the life of your floors.

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Grip Pro

Perfect for store entrances, Grip Pro creates a slip-free surface with a sandpaper-like textured mesh material.

Safety Pro

Anti-slip mats with our patented open-weave, grid-bar design guard against slips and falls caused by grease, spills, rain, and snow.