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Convenience Store Entryway System

Convenience stores are often busy places where customers quickly come and go for the necessities. These high traffic establishments can be hard to maintain, especially if water or dirt is continually tracked in from the outside. Water and dirt can also make floors slick, which can increase the risk of a fall for a customer or employee.

Adding our convenience store entryway mats can help reduce maintenance and clean up time, as well as keep floors dry and safe. Our mats, which can link together to fit areas large and small, scrape dirt from shoes that then filters down below the grid. The safe and durable material keeps debris and water contained so your customers can shop comfortably and safely in a clean environment.

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Design Links

This series of entryway carpets feature your choice of permanent or removable carpet strips to clean customer’s shoes at every step.

Power Links

Perfect for areas that receive high levels of cart and pedestrian traffic, Power Links are heavy-duty, removing dirt and moisture quietly and efficiently.

Design Fiber

Add these stylish loose-lay mats to the inside of your entryway for a more complete shoe-cleaning solution.

Grip Pro

With a high-traction coating of propriety mesh material, Grip Pro drastically reduces slips and falls by providing sure footing for your customers.

Bright Links

Bright Links combines shoe cleaning action with an eye-catching illuminated logo.