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Clothing Store Entryway System

Your store's appearance is part of the total shopping experience for your customers. That's why it's important to keep the entryway to your fashion or apparel store clean and inviting at all times. A great shopping experience begins as soon as customers walk through the door.

No part of your store gets more traffic than the entrance.  With Space-Links clothing store door matting, your floors stay clean and safe for your customers. Our flooring mats use grid technology to scrape dirt and water from customer's shoe, which then filters and collects below the mat's grid.

The result? Cleaner, safer, more attractive floors as soon as people walk through the door. With Space-Links, there's no more tracking of dirt and debris from the entryway into your store.

Improve the appearance and cleanliness of your clothing store with Space-Links entryway mats, and make a first impression that counts.

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Power Links

Ideal for areas that receive high levels of traffic, Power Links are heavy duty entryway mats with a seamless appearance.

Entry Pro

Entry Pro door matting catches dirt, snow, and rain, keeping your floors cleaner and preventing slips and falls. Choose from vinyl ramp and seamless varieties.

Design Pro

Design Pro entryway mats combine the vinyl of Entry Pro with carpet strips for an extra clean, stylish entryway.

Design Fiber

Add this stylish loose lay door matting inside your entrance and keep dirt and debris from soiling your floors.

Bright Links

Personalize your door matting with an illuminated company logo that can’t be missed.