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Apartment Building Entry Floors

The common areas of your apartment building no doubt require more cleaning and attention than any other area in the building. You can reduce the amount of cleaning, preserve the carpeting or flooring at your entrances, and keep your common areas cleaner for your residents with Space-Links apartment building entry floors.

Depending on the size of your facility and number of residents, a single Space-Links grid system located in your entranceway or vestibule may do the job. As residents and visitors walk across the grid, dirt and water are actually scraped off and trapped below the entryway system - before they get into your lobby or common area.

Where pedestrian traffic is higher, a second grid may be required, or you can add a color-coordinated Design Fiber loose-lay mat inside your lobby where any remaining dirt or water can be walked off. With Design-Links products, you can create an attractive, effective apartment building entryway system to keep your residents' home looking good while reducing the required cleaning and maintenance.

Apartment Building Entryway System

Our entryway systems scrape outside dirt from your residents shoes, which falls below the grid. Floors beyond the entryway will stay clean.

Inside the Apartment

We also offer many loose-lay mat options for inside residents apartments which are great for preventing slips and falls.