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Airport Entry Floors

There are few public spaces with as much pedestrian traffic as airports. Thousands of people pass through your doors as they arrive at the terminal building to begin their journey or to pick up arriving family, friends or loved ones.

All of that foot traffic can track an enormous amount of dirt and water into your lobbies and common areas. Not only does that detract from the physical appearance of your facility, it can also create a serious slip-and-fall hazard. You can stop all of that dirt and water at your doors with our airport entryway systems.

Our Space-Links grid system - located outside covered entrances or in vestibules / entryways, physically scrapes debris from the bottom of visitors' shoes and allows it to fall into the space below the grid. The Space-Links airport entry floors include a multi-system installation with one or two grid systems, plus a color-coordinated Design Fiber loose-lay mat inside your entrance for added cleaning.

Airport Entryway System

Keep your entryways safe & clean with our many airport entryway systems.